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DataJack provides a fast and reliable secure 3G mobile broadband service nationwide. The DataJack is a small plug and play USB device which gives customers the freedom to access the Internet anywhere, anytime at an affordable price. There are no credit checks, no deposit is required and when you buy the DataJack you are not tied to any contract or forced to enter into any long-term commitment.

It is a simple-to-use device and customers connect the DataJack in three easy steps.

  1. Select a device type
  2. Complete the online order form
  3. Receive the equipment and connect

DataJack has three main products

The DataJack MiFi  is a mobile WiFi Hotspot which allows customers to connect up to WiFi devices for broadband speed access at home or away. Customers receive up to 5gb a month with no termination fees and they only pay for the months they want to use the device.

The DataJack USB is a portable USB plug-N-play wireless internet device for mobile and home use. It provides high-speed internet nationwide and again customers just pay for the months they want to use it. The DataJack supports up to a 32 Gyabyte micro SD memory card which can be inserted into the DataJack to store files.

DataJack IBU is  3G internet back-up device that continues to provide internet access if the primary service fails.

3G Failover Solution means customers get back online and back in business within minutes and is available on a monthly fee.

DataJack currently offers 3G coverage in hundreds of US cities and they are continually expanding their area. There is a coverage map on the website so customers can see the available network in their area.

For more details and a full list of products and services available click on to the DataJack website.

DataJack: What makes it different?

What makes DataJack unique is the small plug and play USB device which gives customers a fast and reliable 3G mobile broadband service anytime anywhere.

Other companies produce netbooks and tablets so customers can access the web but the DataJack USB means they can access their own files and the DataJack MiFi gives customers the freedom to connect up to WiFi devices at home or away.

Their 3G Failover Solution is a great asset a customers can get back online and back to business almost immediately if their main computer access fails. The DataJack IBU is a 3G internet back-up device.

DataJack vs. primary competitors (sites similar to DataJack)

Seagate sells a portable hard drive which allows customers to store, back-up, encrypt and access files anywhere, anytime. It includes pre-loaded, easy-to-use back-up software and features USB 2.0 or 3.0 plug-and-play connection.

The Free Agent Go- Flex Ultra-Portable hard drive allows customers to access their files on TV, network and anywhere away from home when combined with other Go-Flex devices. 

The Go-Flex storage system ensures automatic continuous back-up and secures backed-up files whilst protecting customers' privacy with their encryption software. It includes the Seagate dashboard management tool for easy management and at-a-glance drive statistics including available capacity.

Where Seagate differs from DataJack is the portable hard drive is bulkier than the DataJack which can be carried around in a pocket of handbag.

What is included in the box from Seagate

  • Go-Flex Ultra-Portable hard drive
  • Pre loaded back-up software with encryption
  • GF USB 2.0 or 3.0 adaptor
  • 18"! USB 2.0 or 3.0 cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Intel sells super-slim tablet computers similar to the iPad which allows customers to access the internet anytime, anywhwere. They are small enough to slip into any handbag or briefcase and the Intel Atom has a powerful operating  system.

They are an ideal way to browse the web when you are away from home, read a book or play games but they are bigger than the small USB device that DataJack sells.

DataJack: Pricing & packages


  • DataJack MiFi $69.99
  • 5gb monthly service plan for DataJack MiFi $49.99 per month
  • DataJack USB $69.99
  • 5gb monthly service plan for DataJack USB $49.99 per month
  • 3G Failover Solution $15 per month.


G0-Flex Ultra-Portable Hard Drive package $129.00


  • 10" super slim Intel Atom tablets range from $318.56 to $408.25
  • Intel Atom N570 Windows 7 Tablet computer $442.99
DataJack: Product images & screenshots
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DataJack: Customer reviews & comments

Customer Reviews

  1. I use the DataJack and installing it in Windows Vista was easy. Just plugged it in, installed it myself, restarted my computer and it was up-and-running. I was actually surprised and glad to see that this runs off the T-Mobile's 3G network service in South Florida. The coverage map on their website is actually the exact same data coverage map on T-Mobile's website. I can also send and receive SMS messages on my computer via the USB modem so that is a nice bonus. This item is actually a birthday gift for my sister who lives in Orange County, California and has T-Mo and a Windows laptop. So I know her coverage and reception will be excellent and easy. I will buy another one for myself to use on T-Mobile's 3G network under my voice SIM because this cheaper than the T-Mo branded web connect USB modem.
  2. I have only had mine for a few days so I cannot say that I have any issues when it comes to reaching a cap. As far as hidden fees, there are none. Since it is pre-paid rather than post-paid I really doubt there are any extraneous fees. I paid $43 for a month's service so I only got charged $3.01 in taxes.
  3. I decided to give this service a try. I got the USB modem today and it installed perfectly on my 10v running OSX but had some problems with my studio XPS running Win 7 for Win 7. I was able to use the built-in servie and it works fine.
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Thanks for giving information.It's very useful Article for beginners,Through your Article,I got information about DataJack internet service.Recently i bought this service.I checked my internet speed rate using I was really amazing about my speed.

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Get 15% Off and Free Shipping Sitewide @ DataJack
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Get $25 Off Any Plan and USB or Mifi Device @ DataJack
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