Junointernet.com Website Review & Ratings + Juno Internet Coupons
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Junointernet.com Website Review & Ratings + Juno Internet Coupons

Juno is an internet service provider, headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. It is a subsidiary of United Online and has been operating since 1995. Juno was the pioneer in the field of free internet service and started with free e-mail service. In December 1999, Juno graduated to offering full internet access for free and by far had the largest customer base in free ISP space. Lately, Juno has been on a shopping spree, buying up competitors and associated customer bases.

Juno offers two major packages along with the well-known free internet access plan. The first is a basic dial-up connection with unlimited access to e-mails and internet. The second plan is the turbo version with faster speed and larger storage space. For accessing the services of Juno, customers need to download and install the proprietary software. Credit cards are not required for payment. The plans are backed by 24 hours customer support through phone and e-mail.

Juno Internet: What makes it different?
  • Juno differentiates itself from other big brands through its pricing plans. The pricing is very much competitive and is great for someone with a limited budget.
  • Juno offers nationwide coverage though one must check if the service is available in his/her immediate vicinity.
  • Juno offers various customer support options such as e-mail support, call center support and a FAQ webpage.
  • In case you are a limited internet user(less than 10 hours per month), Juno even provides a free plan to access email and web.
  • Multiple e-mail accounts are allowed per user.
  • For users who want better speed, Juno offers the SpeedBand plan which uses a web accelerator to increase connection speed.
  • SpeedBand plan also provides protection services like junk e-mail filtering, e-mail screening and pop-up blocker.
  • From time-to-time Juno also offers various deals and promotional offers which could be beneficial for the customers.
Juno Internet vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Juno Internet)
  • NetZero
  • Bamnet
  • Copper.net
  • Basic ISP

NetZero being the chief competitor to Juno in the low-priced ISP market offers very similar services. Its unlimited basic plan costs $9.95/month while the premium version costs $14.95/month. The premium service is free for the first month. Like Juno, NetZero also offers a free service limited to 10 hours of usage per month. Copper.net also offers a $9.95/month basic plan and $14.95/month premium plan. However, the customer support is free and there is a 30-day money back guarantee. On the other hand, Basic ISP provides a monthly unlimited plan for $6.95/month and an accelerated version for $9.95/month. It also provides a broadband satellite plan starting at $39.99/month. BAMnet is an internet service provider which does not charge any monthly access fee. It charges 1 cent-per-minute for use of internet services in U.S. and Canada.

Juno Internet: Pricing & packages

Juno platinum dial-up internet special plan offers unlimited internet access at $10.95/month. The service is offered free on the first month of subscription. Similar services on other competitors are priced significantly higher with $18.95 for MSN, $21.95 for EarthLink and $25.90 for AOL. Only PeoplePC comes closer with a monthly price of $10.95. Also Juno offers up to 2GB of email storage while EarthLink and PeoplePC offer only 100MB.

Juno SpeedBand dial-up internet special offers unlimited internet access at $14.95/month with speed 5 times that of the standard plan. Similar plan will cost you $25.90 in AOL, $21.95 in EarthLink, $18.95 in MSN and $15.95 in PeoplePC. The service also provides protection through Norton anti-virus at no extra cost. This service is available only on PCs.

The free internet access plan has no strings attached except the 10 hours/month limit. The service is completely free and available only on PCs. Additionally, Juno also offers a DSL service at as low as $9.95/month which is much faster than the standard dial-up connection.

Juno Internet: Product images & screenshots
Juno Internet Coupons
Juno Internet: Customer reviews & comments

Customer feedbacks are mixed for Juno. While customers are upbeat about the pricing and connectivity, at the same time there are complaints about network speed, lack of a reliable broadband offerings and difficulties with multiple terminals. Also, most modern web browsers like Firefox and Safari do not work well with Juno. The paid customer service also frustrates some users. Below is a feedback given by a long-time user of Juno:

Did not experience too many times when I lost a connection while using the service. Overall experience has been fine. However, I want to add that it was particularly difficult to cancel my account when talking to a representative over the phone. I cancelled not due to any dissatisfaction about Juno's service. I just acquired high speed internet. The customer service rep did trying selling me a "free" Norton Anti-virus and faster Juno speed service for one month, without saying that I would be charged a $4.99 fee beginning in July. The $4.99 price is by all means fair, but not when you are trying to permanently discontinue the service and anticipate no future charges on your credit card. Be careful when talking to these customer reps!

Joyce 5/13/09 10:20AM

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Comments (3)

Glad to see Juno is still around. I remember starting off with them years ago when I was new to the Internet.

Excellent job on this review. Well done. Voted you up.

Thanks for giving information.It's very useful Article for beginners,Through your Article,I got information about juno internet service.Recently i bought this service.I checked my internet speed rate using ScanmySpeed.com I was really amazing about my speed.

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