Onspeed.com Website Review & Ratings + OnSpeed Coupons
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Onspeed.com Website Review & Ratings + OnSpeed Coupons

OnSpeed is perhaps the best web internet accelerator product around for now. ONSPEED is a quick and easy program download that increases the speed of any Internet connection up to ten times the initial speed, anywhere in the world. Using a unique and patented compression technology, Onspeed increases Dial-up speeds by up to 10 times; Broadband by up to 5 times and Mobile connections (via GPRS/3G) by up to 8 times.

It is a British company with a large customer service team and is a sister company of Net2roam Ltd, the largest Internet Roaming Provider in Europe. It has been invented to speed up any Internet connection; where you are not withstanding. Whether you use it at home on the move or in the office, it has been created to make your Internet experience pleasurable for browsing and receiving emails.

Onspeed is the only true alternative to broadband. It comes at a fraction of the cost and without any of the problems accompanying a broadband connection. It has 9 patents approved on its technology and has been given the Best Buy rating from Internet Advisor magazine and a Five Star rating from the UK's leading internet title, .net magazine.  This attests to its quality and proven effectiveness.

Onspeed is easy to install for PC and Mac and does not require new hardware. It works with your existing Internet connection (Dial-up, Broadband or Mobile connection) and your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP). It can be used with any Internet connection in any country; even if you are in the remotest part of the world. At present, it is used by over 500,000 satisfied customers throughout the world. Onspeed is a must have for 3G/GPRS users.

OnSpeed: What makes it different?

Some very unique characteristics differentiate Onspeed from every other internet accelerator out there in the market. This qualities places Onspeed on a pedestal and they are;

Website Navigation: You will not just find the onspeed.com website beautiful but very simple and easy to navigate. In response to the service they offer, the uploading of pages on their site is fast. This makes surfing their pages time saving and easy as against what is obtainable in most other sites.

Affiliate and refer a friend package: This feature is unique to Onspeed. They offer a refer a friend package that pays $8. For every friend you refer to their site and who makes a purchase, you get to be paid $8. Their affiliate program is even more fantastic. For every signup made from your affiliate link, you earn$11.88.

Speed Up to Ten times the normal speed: True to their boast, your internet connections get speed up; up to ten times the normal speed. Dial-up speeds by up to 10 times; Broadband by up to 5 times and Mobile connections (via GPRS/3G) by up to 8 times.

Easy to Install: Onspeed is easy to install and does not affect operating systems. With just about 1mb in size, the space consumed from your system is insignificant. It works with most operating systems and contains no adwares. Propel is about 2.4mb while Speedconnect is about 1.99mb. Thus, Onspeed is lighter than both competitors.

These are just some of the characteristics that distinguish Onspeed from all other internet speed boosting software out there. Though they may have some of the features of Onspeed, none can boast of the efficiency and packaging of the Onspeed software.

OnSpeed vs. primary competitors (sites similar to OnSpeed)

In a market like the one Onspeed finds itself, there are bound to be very fierce competitors. Two of Onspeed’s strong competitors are Propel.com and Cbs-soft.com, both producers of the Propel Accelerator and SpeedConnect XP Accelerator softwares respectively. Though these softwares are good, Onspeed far surpasses them in the following areas.

  • The Onspeed website is more user-friendly and presentable, with easy navigation compared to that of the competitors.
  • Onspeed has a mobile provision whereas the others do not. This makes for ease even while on the move as you may use your phone where you don’t have a dial-up.
  • Onspeed speeds up systems by up to ten times the normal speed whereas the others don’t meet up to a speed of times ten.
  • Onspeed has both refer a friend package as well as an affiliate package. This is lacking in both propel and Speedconnect.
  • Its far more cheaper than any of the other two.

The catch to using Onspeed is that it doesn’t go well with AOL browsers and it sometimes is unavailable. These challenges are no big deal as Onspeed works with most other browsers and all you need do is refresh when it tends not to be available.

Having considered the unique features and characteristics of Onspeed, you might want to consider picking one should ever think of picking up an internet speed booster.

OnSpeed: Pricing & packages

The price of Onspeed is far cheaper to that of Propel Accelerator but a little higher that that of Speedconnect; despite the fantastic features of Onspeed. Onspeed costs just £24.99  or 34.99 Euros  or $39.99 per annum. That's the equivalent of just over £2 or $3 per month.

Propel accelerator is more expensive than Onspeed as it goes for $4.95 per month or $44.95 per year. SpeedConnect goes for $29.

Though SpeedConnect is the cheapest of the lot, it is the least efficient considering speed and other features.

Bottom-line is that Onspeed is the best of the three when every parameters has been considered.

OnSpeed: Product images & screenshots
OnSpeed Coupons
Get 10% Off Annual Subscription @ OnSpeed
OnSpeed: Customer reviews & comments


Yes, it does speed up things. Recommended when you are on dial up, it doesn't speed up downloading files though. It costs me £2 a month. I subscribe to FAST4 for £6.99 unlimited. All in all £9 for a broadband (non downloading) experience. I probably won't subscribe to it if I am on broadband as it should be speedy enough without onspeed.


As you can see, they have said it all. Onspeed is the number one software to consider anytime, anywhere, when you are thinking of boosting up your internet connection

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Good review on a good product.

Very nice presentation.

Well done review with lots of consumer info. Promoted since I am out of votes.

Ranked #7 in

Thanks all. Appreciate the comments

This is such a great review.

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